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PASSPORT - Urgent: please check that ALL information is correct. This will be used for flights, hotel reservations, check-in and immigration.

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NOTE - If paying by credit card please add 3% to the amount you're paying to cover the credit card fees.

Your Registration is sent. However your Registration is NOT complete until the tour deposit is received in our office. In a few moments you'll receive an automated confirmation to your email address. Please check spam/junk folders if you don't receive the email as well as the correct spelling of your email address.

To access the Buy Now feature, simply click on the link provided for PayPal below. If you opt to use PayPal, Credit/Debit Card, please note that an additional charge of 3.5% will be applied to the total amount to account for PayPal fees. Alternatively, to avoid this 3.5% bank fee, you can make deposits and payments via check, money order, or bank check, and choose a secure shipping method such as FedEx, UPS Overnight, or a postal service with overnight delivery and tracking capabilities.

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